Who we work with

We align perfectly with marketing teams and creative agencies.


For marketing teams, we build and maintain strong and innovative brand image libraries. Over time we go deeper, test and measure, adjust, upgrade and create the visuals that keep a company looking fresh.


For agencies, we’re skilled at nailing a brief and creating “design friendly” imagery. We gain trust and confidence so projects become effortless.

We nurture their clients and make designers lives easy.



What we do

We’ve been playing this game for quite some years now. We kicked off with a product photography focus and as the years passed we evolved, up-skilled and became competent in all that our clients asked us to do. You name it we did it – creative portraits, styled campaigns, aerial drone imagery, headshots, products, interiors, project case studies, branding videos and more.


We essentially became a Swiss army knife… throw us into the fire and we’ll come out with the imagery you need.


While this resulted in competence, our ability to continue innovating slowed as we were spread too thin. Think hamster wheel!


We yearned to do less things better so had to answer the big question, “what is the one thing we do better than everyone else?” 


Brand Image Libraries.


Now, this is all we do.

Brand Image Libraries

In the most practical sense, a brand image library is a folder on your computer or server full of all the right images and videos, at your fingertips, ready to plug-in to your marketing as needed.


Types of imagery can include your people, workplace, activities, projects, products and services. It can also include custom campaign imagery to make your advertising pop. It includes all of the photos and videos you need to communicate well.


Your image library can be used for everything – your website, social campaigns, annual reports, presentations, tenders, brochures, billboards and other marketing collateral.


First, we show you how to build your library and figure out what imagery will best support your brand. We’re able to do this with our broad thinking, years in the field and fresh perspective.


Then we set about creating a library of photos and videos that genuinely and successfully communicates to your audience. From the big hero shots, right down to the little details.


Image libraries can be built fast or slow. They will always evolve over time, as the market does.

Why marketing teams

We got into business before photography. Photography was a solution to business challenges we needed to solve. The common things… sell more products, be different, build loyal fans, communicate team culture, that sort of stuff. Creating images and videos was not the end goal. They had to do something, achieve something, make a measurable difference to the business.


Business is in our blood.


We have empathy for marketing teams. There is pressure for campaigns to succeed, marketing spend to pay off, sales to increase. We understand this pressure, embrace it and channel it into creating hard working imagery.


We become their trusty go-to “in-house” production team.

Why creative agencies

We know, appreciate and respect the work they do.


We’ve worked with designers for many years and admire their ability to make the complex simple and easy to digest. We understand what makes a “design friendly” image and what images will make their life easier. When the camera is in hand, we mentally fast forward and place ourselves in their shoes to create images we know they’ll love and are effortless to work with.


The second reason is more selfish. They make us look good! We get a kick out of seeing our imagery go to work – on a website, in an advert or sprinkled throughout an annual report. Designers do this very well. Seeing our images in action gives us as much of a buzz as creating them. It makes us proud and fuels us to push higher.

First hand experience

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