10 Nov Promotional video for Curtin Ignition Program

We’ve recently completed a promotional video for Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship to promote their Curtin Ignition program.

Ignition is a week-long intensive program which prepares you for taking your idea to the business world.

Our mission was to capture the heart & soul of Ignition, allowing potential attendees and sponsors to see the huge value of the program offers.

As the program runs for 1 week only each year, we had to be certain to capture all the required footage during the week. The planning stage was crucial. Thanks to plenty of thorough pre-production work, by the time the camera came out, we knew exactly what footage was needed and how the story would all come together.

As always though we are open to the pleasant surprises and unforeseen opportunities that come up along the way that result in a finished video that exceeds all expectations.

We were incredibly grateful to work with the most supportive team at Curtin so it was not only a successful project, it was a lot of fun.

When it comes to producing promotional videos, we always seek to tell the business story in the most authentic and engaging way possible. We are all bombarded by “adverts”, so it’s our mission to create videos that resonate with people, that leave the viewer feeling something and ultimately work towards setting out clients apart.

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Matt Reed
[email protected]

Matt Reed is Director of Photography at Photography Project & Perth Product Photography. He has been creating things since he was a kid. He started with wood… then music… then business… now commercial photography. He helps businesses visually communicate what makes them special. He tells their story in pictures. You can connect with him on Linked In.