09 Nov New approach for board member group photos

As most people would rather go to the dentist than get their photo taken… to take a group photo where everyone is looking fantastic all at once can be difficult.

Well here is a solution that ticks all the boxes…
– everyone looks fantastic
– not everyone needs to be photographed in the same session
– the finished group photo looks professional, modern and fresh
– your graphic designer has endless flexibility when working with the images
– if you have a new person join the board, it’s a quick and easy update

We had a recent photoshoot for an annual report. Our approach was to photograph each board member individually. We could then work with each person to get a selection of excellent photos.

From the individual photos we then selected the best image of each person and created the group photo.

If you would like professional and engaging photos of your board members or management team, we would love to hear from you

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Matt Reed
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Matt Reed is Director of Photography at Photography Project & Perth Product Photography. He has been creating things since he was a kid. He started with wood… then music… then business… now commercial photography. He helps businesses visually communicate what makes them special. He tells their story in pictures. You can connect with him on Linked In.