04 Apr Leverage your personality – it’s what sets you apart

People buy from people

Think about your favorite shops and places you love to go. Chances are, the difference is all in the people. It’s about the experience… its about enjoyment.

One of the biggest assets you can have as a business owner, is you and the people you employ.

So why not leverage this in your print and online marketing. It’s your team that sets you apart from the competition and most likely it’s your team that results in your customers choosing to do business with you.

Here is an excellent example of how to leverage your personality.

Total Marine Technology (TMT) is a company that makes Remotely Operated Vehicles designed for the oil and gas industry.

Each year TMT exhibit at the Australasian Oil & Gas Expo (AOG).

This year they went for a different approach for the expo display. The focus was all on their team.

Step 1: The Design Concept

Thanks to a very clever idea from Kim at 485 Design, the initial concept was born – a huge 4m x 4m banner with a collection of headshot images of the TMT team.

The main goal of using photos of the team was to promote their extensive inhouse capabilities, ie rov & tooling design and production. Everything happens under one roof – mechanical, software & electrical engineers, fabrication, hydraulics…etc. Other competitors design but don’t build or operate – this is TMT’s edge.

A strong secondary goal was to promote the company’s personality and show that they are real people you could like and trust behind the TMT brand.

Step 2: The Photography

We lined up the photo shoot and spent a day onsite at TMT to photograph the team. It was important to let each team member’s personality show. There were no rules, no poses, just fun honest photos. We had a ball, it was a bit like karaoke… a little nervous at first, but it didn’t take long for everyone to warm up and get into the swing. Here are some of the raw images.


Step 3: Creating the Design

Back over to Kim at 485 Design to work her magic on the banner design. This is the final design


Step 4: The Finished Product

Printed 4m x 4m and backlit, the banner boldly stood out from the other exhibitors. It was highly effective in communicating the personality of the company and also gave potential customers and suppliers the opportunity to get to like and trust TMT before they had even spoken to them.


So now what?

Take a look at your business collateral and see if you can inject some personality into it. You will be surprised at the difference it can make.

Remember… people buy from people.

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Matt Reed
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Matt Reed is Director of Photography at Photography Project & Perth Product Photography. He has been creating things since he was a kid. He started with wood… then music… then business… now commercial photography. He helps businesses visually communicate what makes them special. He tells their story in pictures. You can connect with him on Linked In.