Paper Bird

Scene Setter

Enter the imaginarium…

Paperbird is Perth’s only specialist children’s bookshop that is a dedicated arts centre for kids to discover and create stories.

Situated in a stunning historic building in Fremantle, walk through the front door and it opens up into a magical world of hidden spaces and activities.

Working with their design agency Media on Mars, our job was to distill this special bookshop into a new video and image library for the new website.



It’s rare that we get to work in such photogenic spaces. Paperbird is beautiful!

In this case our pre-production efforts went into making sure the message was clear and we were telling the right story.

We rolled as a team so could shoot stills and film the footage we needed for the video at the same time. This made for a smooth day and minimal impact on the shop.

It also helped to achieve the same style across the video and image library which is evident on their website.



Look Paperbird up, land on their website, have a browse and watch the video.

The imagery coupled with beautiful design by Media on Mars showcases this special children’s bookshop and all it has to offer.

When you have something special going on, it’s really important to capture that in your messaging. With the help of their new image library, Paperbird are able to do this very well.


Image Library

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