Margaret River Retreat

Scene Setter

Margaret River Retreat offers a unique destination for holiday makers, adventure seekers, comfort campers and extraordinary events. When it comes to accommodation, it is important to show people what a property has to offer. Margaret River Retreat required a full marketing image library from the ground up.


This shoot took place over several days to feature the many aspects of what the property has to offer and also capture the magical times of day. We took a story telling approach, being sure to photograph the wider scene-setting establishing images, right down to the juicy little details. We not only focused on the facilities but also on the unique natural textures and colours the region offers.


As a business, it’s such a blessing to have a folder full of quality images at your finger tips. As a result of this shoot, Margaret River Retreat have a rich image library enabling potential guests to fully explore what the property has to offer.




Coffee & Shopping 

Communal Spaces

The Story

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