Getting creative in Dubai

Sitting in the Dubai airport about to head home from another couple of ultra-intensive weeks of photography training at Gulf Photo Plus.

It’s always such a highlight of my year for a number of reasons.

Firstly catching up with friends from around the world is a blast. Sharing stories and talking to each other about what photo shoot shenanigans we’ve been up to… just generally talking photography 24/7 really.

But perhaps most valuable is the opportunity to climb out of our little lunchboxes for a bit and get a fresh perspective and new training by some of the greatest photographers in the world.

Without it you keep doing what you do, getting better of course as you keep pushing your work but the progress is slower.

I’ve never been patient enough to do things the slow way. This trip is like a chip insert. I always feel like I walk away a better photographer. Re-inspired and pumped to get back to working hard with our clients to pull extraordinary images out of ordinary everyday locations and situations.



This year I chose to focus more on lighting (boy do I love lighting!), working with motion and some super talented athletes. We worked on location and for the benefit of upgrading our skills, pretty ordinary, everyday locations. Nothing special, same old, same old.

This forced us to get creative and use what we have in our bag of tricks (our imagination, camera and lighting equipment) and come up with some pictures that are interesting and have “wow” factor.

The below images were made of the amazing aerial and acrobatic dancer Aaliyah.





So until 2016, thanks for everything Dubai and Gulf Photo Plus, see you next time!

Matt Reed
[email protected]

Matt Reed is Director of Photography at Photography Project & Perth Product Photography. He has been creating things since he was a kid. He started with wood… then music… then business… now commercial photography. He helps businesses visually communicate what makes them special. He tells their story in pictures. You can connect with him on Linked In.