For The Love Of It

Helping little businesses that have big stories to tell


We have a deep personal mission to help people feel proud and be successful, doing what they love to do.


We have an extra big soft spot in our hearts for fellow artists – people who make things. It could be art, poetry, furniture, helicopters, whatever… they create something from nothing.


And they do it for no other reason than for the love of it.


Each year we hand pick artists with a story that connects with us. We dedicate time to help them tell their story visually, through pictures and video.


It’s a win win.


The artists we work with get access to our skills, which may not always be feasible when you’re a tiny business. The visual story telling we create helps them show the world what makes them special, which is a major ingredient in allowing them to be successful and continue doing what they love.


For us, when we have full creative freedom and get to produce work without the constraints of commercial projects (client scopes, budget, time, availability, deadlines) we find we do our best work – work that sticks with us, that we look back on years later and still feel just as proud of. And the biggest win for us is the satisfaction of knowing we helped a fellow artist feel proud and be successful doing what they love.

Know an artist who has a big story to tell?

Let us know…