It's January, Here We Go About now, we start to hear from a small group of proactive marketing and communications teams. They're planning their corporate photography and videography needs for 2020. For simplicity, here we'll just call it Corporate Photography. We've worked with these people and in their...

Interesting article in the paper recently (read it below) about the impact of the quality of photography on sales in real estate. Here’s the guts of the article…
  • 51% of Australians are frustrated when a listing has poor quality photos
  • 93% ignore properties that don’t disclose a price
  • 87% don’t bother with listings that don’t have an address
  • A high quality opening photo will attract a buyer immediately
  • It’s important to get the basics right
This is all very nice to know, but the lights came on when I realised that exactly the same applies to our businesses.

  We’ve just wrapped up a project for one of our favorite clients, Didgeridoo Breath. Didgeridoo Breath is a retail store who has a very strong online presence and e-commerce store. It has been around 3 years since their last website facelift so it was time to inject some fresh personality, imagery and design. The team at Didge Breath are a ton of fun to work with and the whole brand leverages their unique point of difference. Therefore it was important that the photographs oozed their up-beat, high-energy personalities.

We sure wouldn’t class ourselves as “band photographers” but when you get presented with the opportunity to photograph a beatboxer, shakuhachi flute player and didgeridoo player, on the beach at sunset… how could you resist! The newly formed band “Breath” were needing some quality photographs to use for concert posters, CD artwork, flyers, social media and website.

It’s always hard to hide the excitement when we get the call to head down to Margaret River to capture new images for Stella Bella’s image library. Who doesn’t love being amongst the vines and wines, especially in Australia’s beautiful south west. And what makes it even better is the team at Stella Bella. They are delightful to work with and nothing is taken too seriously (except their wine making!).

We recently had the pleasure of working with local musician Paul Delazzer. Paul is the nicest guy, a great musician and vocalist… and has the coolest head of dreadies! The goal of the shoot was to build a collection of images to use for various marketing applications. The photo shoot took place in our studio. A studio is basically an empty box that you get to fill with your imagination! And working with such a great subject, we were pretty excited!

When I was searching for a photographer I found it difficult to find someone who didn’t take generic “corporate pictures.” 

I wanted the passion, drive and energy of our people to be captured.

 Matt’s images are fresh, modern and honest, and in my opinion they brought to life the “personality” of our business.

 They help to tell the story behind the business – which is what good photography is about. 

Matt also held his word with deadlines and was extremely efficient with turn around. Jolleh Abshar, Marketing and PR, 
Magellan Power
Creating a captivating photo of someone in their environment gives us a real buzz and is our main speciality. Engaging, interesting and most importantly “believable” photos of your team are such a simple and powerful way to add serious oomph to your marketing. Your people and business personality is often what sets you apart from the rest so why not leverage that with the right photos? There is such an incredible opportunity to differentiate yourself in your marketing through high quality images of your team and work place. We recently spent some time with Magellan Power with the purpose of capturing a collection of images for their new catalogue and website. Magellan were wanting portraits of their key team, but in a style that gave a real sense of place and also at the highest quality to best represent the company. So the photography gear gets loaded, we head to the location and begin working our way through the workshop, choosing the right settings to capture the brief. Here are some of the images taken…

When selling products online, all your customers have to look at is the photo of the product, the written description, a video if you have one and the price. We recommending putting all your effort into your content and imagery so people don’t choose to purchase purely on who is the cheapest. We recently completed the second photo shoot for O2wear, an online store which sells quality bamboo fibre clothing.

We were honoured to be able to join Matt Moran and the Tourism Australia team on their recent visit to Perth. Matt was in Perth for the WA leg of the T-QUAL Tick Tour, to experience and promote quality tourism operators that have been rigorously assessed to receive the endorsement of Australia’s national symbol of tourism quality – the T-QUAL Tick.