When I was searching for a photographer I found it difficult to find someone who didn’t take generic “corporate pictures.” 

I wanted the passion, drive and energy of our people to be captured.

 Matt’s images are fresh, modern and honest, and in my opinion they brought to life the “personality” of our business.

 They help to tell the story behind the business – which is what good photography is about. 

Matt also held his word with deadlines and was extremely efficient with turn around. Jolleh Abshar, Marketing and PR, 
Magellan Power
Creating a captivating photo of someone in their environment gives us a real buzz and is our main speciality. Engaging, interesting and most importantly “believable” photos of your team are such a simple and powerful way to add serious oomph to your marketing. Your people and business personality is often what sets you apart from the rest so why not leverage that with the right photos? There is such an incredible opportunity to differentiate yourself in your marketing through high quality images of your team and work place. We recently spent some time with Magellan Power with the purpose of capturing a collection of images for their new catalogue and website. Magellan were wanting portraits of their key team, but in a style that gave a real sense of place and also at the highest quality to best represent the company. So the photography gear gets loaded, we head to the location and begin working our way through the workshop, choosing the right settings to capture the brief. Here are some of the images taken…

A common project we get to work on (and one we love!) is building an image library for a company to use in their marketing collateral. This involves capturing a range of images that communicate who a company is and what they do… in the highest possible quality. A custom image library is invaluable. High quality photographs in your print and online marketing is a powerful way to quickly build trust and credibility in the minds of your potential new clients. One of our clients, APMS Group, recently went through a major re-branding exercise to step up their marketing collateral.

People buy from people Think about your favorite shops and places you love to go. Chances are, the difference is all in the people. It’s about the experience… its about enjoyment. One of the biggest assets you can have as a business owner, is you and the people you employ. So why not leverage this in your print and online marketing. It’s your team that sets you apart from the competition and most likely it’s your team that results in your customers choosing to do business with you. Here is an excellent example of how to leverage your personality.

We do enjoy slipping on the steel-caps and high vis and getting amongst the action for our engineering and construction clients. It’s probably from Matt’s farm upbringing… he sure does welcome any opportunity to get dirty. This photography project was for AME and involved building an image library of one of their projects, showing the work in progress. It was an excellent opportunity to build a diverse library of images. We photographed the project across 3 stages:

We recently had the opportunity to photograph the completion of a Defence Force training facility project. It was an incredible facility, which will be used for training underwater helicopter evacuations.
“Matt was called upon at short notice to take some photos on a construction site we had just completed. Not only was Matt easy going & professional to deal with, the photos he took were outstanding. The quality of Matt’s work is second to none and I would have no hesitation in calling upon his services again for our future constructions. Clare Williams, Thomas & Coffey Limited
Here are some of the images taken…