07 Apr Outside the Frame 003 – Baking A Photographic Cake

Outside The Frame 003 is up!
It was quite a diverse week out in the field. Most weeks involve a number of different photo shoots for a number of different clients. This week we had a number of different photo shoots for the one client – Kailis Trigg Beach.
There were 3 components to the photography.
Part 1: A hero image of the exterior at dusk;
As the sky was at its best for such a short time, it was all about quality over quantity – picking one shot and then perfecting it!
Part 2: The food;
Time is not on your side when it comes to photographing food on location. You need to be prepared, move quick and capture the food while it looks its best. When styling the photos, we only included props and surfaces from inside the restaurant to ensure the images where honest, authentic and strengthened the Kailis brand.
Part 3: The space, the vibe, the action;
We created a diverse range of images to showcase the Kailis experience. This included a range of wide, medium and tight shots to tell the full story.
Come along for the ride as we photograph food, sunsets, kitchen action and restaurant interiors.

Danielle Paparone
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Danielle Paparone is the Marketing Assistant at Photography Project. Danielle is our words wizard and digital marketing doyen who has a healthy addiction for all things digital. She can effortlessly couple words and pictures to paint a story about people, places and projects. You can connect with Danielle on Linked In.