Interesting article in the paper recently (read it below) about the impact of the quality of photography on sales in real estate. Here’s the guts of the article…
  • 51% of Australians are frustrated when a listing has poor quality photos
  • 93% ignore properties that don’t disclose a price
  • 87% don’t bother with listings that don’t have an address
  • A high quality opening photo will attract a buyer immediately
  • It’s important to get the basics right
This is all very nice to know, but the lights came on when I realised that exactly the same applies to our businesses.

We’ve recently completed a promotional video for Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship to promote their Curtin Ignition program. Ignition is a week-long intensive program which prepares you for taking your idea to the business world. Our mission was to capture the heart & soul of Ignition, allowing potential attendees and sponsors to see the huge value of the program offers.

We’ve photographed over 1000 corporate headshots in the past 12 months. Here’s what we’ve noticed…
  • The majority of people we photograph have an existing headshot that they are NOT happy with
  • People don’t want a stiff, boring corporate headshot, they want to look relaxed, likeable and at the same time professional
  • People would love a headshot that they are proud of and feel comfortable having out in the marketplace