Ever wondered how pressure vessels are created?

In business, projects come and go… fast.

In many cases, once a project is complete, it’s often forgotten as all of your energy and focus goes into the success of the next project.

The problem with this is you’re left with nothing to show for it. This makes it difficult to leverage the work you have under your belt to win future contracts.

Creating photos, or in this case a video that clearly shows the successful completion of your project, immortalises it and becomes the perfect resource to help get future contracts over the line.

This video for APMS Group was filmed over 8 months to showcase the sulphuric acid rail car vessel project. They produced 12 vessels so we had the opportunity to film all the intricate details of the process.

Having a video like this is equally important internally as it is for winning new business. It gives the team a much needed few minutes to reflect and see their high quality work in the best light possible. It is a wonderful thing for team moral.

Check it out to see the step-by-step process of the project.

Matt Reed
[email protected]