We love ambitious ideas and over the years have assembled the team to pull them off.


We’re equally business thinkers, creative artists and technical geeks. It’s the mix that matters.


We’re all about harmony, big smiles and making the ride fun and enjoyable for all involved.

Shelley Leary

Studio Manager

Shelley is our studio manager, and your first point of contact when you get in touch with us.


If you’re needing a little help, Shelley will happily suggest ideas, make recommendations and guide you through your project.


Shelley has never met a challenge she couldn’t find a solution for.

Matt Reed

Director of Photography

Matt is a master of improvisation. Throw him into any situation and he’ll come up with the goods.


His personable and enthusiastic style is legendary at Photography Project and it’s rare to see him without a smile on his face.


Prior to picking up a camera, Matt ran a retail store and e-commerce business for 10 years. This on-the-ground business experience inspires and shapes Matt’s ideas and solutions.

Henry Whitehead

Photographer & Film Maker

Henry has the patience of a saint.


With a background in film and multimedia, photography and an endless list of hobbies, Henry is one ultra-clever fella who somehow knows everything about everything.


He is also something of a tea connoisseur and the reason why our cupboard is well stocked with so many fine brews.

Gabby McGregor

Photographer & Stylist 

After completing a Bachelor of Advertising, PR & Media degree and a Masters in Strategic Communications, the world of photography pulled at Gabby’s heart strings hard enough for her to take the leap.


Gabby’s love for picture making combined with her styling prowess, makes her our not-so-secret weapon here at PP.


When Gabby doesn’t have a camera in hand, you’ll find her pulling together mood boards, scouring our local haunts for props and pulling together that perfect look for the next shoot.

Julius Pang 


Julius is our detail orientated mastermind!


With a decade of experience across a range of genres, Julius has the chops for anything our clients throw at us.


He has impressive experience in event photography, so he sure knows how to improvise in the moment and think on his feet, which is forever valuable for our projects.


With a solid collection of photography gear, he can often be found on adventures overseas, up in the air, underwater or in the mountains. 

Why we’re here

Our reason for existing may be a little left field.


The short story is, we believe people should have as much fun, fulfilment and happiness in their day job as they would in their hobby.


Why should it be any other way?


We get hired initially to create imagery that will engage your audience. The little secret is, the imagery we create, and more importantly the way we go about it, will actually engage your team too.


We’ve seen it play out time and time again.

Seeing your team spark up, walk taller and feel proud of what they do really puts a smile on our dial. And yours.


It can be the most important “marketing” you do.


This is the stuff you can’t buy from a camera store. This is what we pay attention to.


It has taken us years to crystalise our thinking and answer the all-important question – why do we exist and why should anyone care?


This deep belief is our fingerprint and shapes the way we roll.

See us in action