We love ambitious ideas and over the years have assembled the team to pull them off.


We’re equally business thinkers, creative artists and technical geeks. It’s the mix that matters.


We’re all about harmony, big smiles and making the ride fun and enjoyable for all involved.

Matt Reed

Matt Reed

Known as: Director of Visual Creation, The man himself, Didgeridoo teacher and Reedy

What makes me happy: “The beach, idleness and having nowhere to be. aka a beachy holiday.”

Coffee or tea: “Coffee is a cup of happiness. Tea is for when there’s been too much happiness.”

Fact: Has an incredible musical ear, speaks words of wisdom, and loves a good toastie.

Sum up of Matt: Philosopher, Teacher, Master – The ultimate combo

Shelley Leary

Shelley Leary

Known as: Head Honcho, Studio Director, HSE officer or Shell

What makes me happy: “Food and Family and going off the grid, roughing it somewhere remote on the coast with no schedule.”

Coffee or Tea: “Cofffeeeeee, hands down coffee!!… as long as it’s before 11am… then it’s tea.”

Fact: Curry obsession and keen camper

Sum up of Shelley: Superwoman/super mum and heart of gold willing to do anything for anyone – How lucky are we!

Sam Hesketh

Sam Hesketh

Known as: Photographer/Filmmaker, Million Dollar Sam, or Studio Puppy

What makes me happy:  “The open road, Traveling.”

Coffee or Tea: “Coffee.”

Fact: Not only a qualified Architect and perfects the art of popcorn but is insane with his camera knowledge and skills.

Sum up of Sam: Part-time adventurist/thrill-seeker, full-time Super Mega Nice Guy

Lisa Reed

Lisa Reed

Known as: Sales Sunshine, People Whisperer or Lise

What makes me happy: “Sunshine.”

Coffee or Tea: “Coffee with nut milk … and a chocolate dusting, always.”

Fact: Was Homecoming Queen in Senior year at High School in California – can’t you tell!

Sum up of Lisa: Always smiley, very calm and can uplift anyone’s mood!

Ana Lees

Ana Lees

Known as: Image Polisher/Kick ass Retoucher or Ana

What makes me happy: “Animals, sleeping in or waking up early to train.”

Coffee or Tea: “Coffee.” – Will let you know when she needs another..

Facts: Fights Muay Thai – watch out!

Sum up of Ana: Witty, intelligent and friendly – We love our Ana

Marcos Silverio

Marcos Silverio

Known as: Photographer or Mo

What makes me happy: “Caving makes me happy – Anything outside in nature actually.”

Coffee or tea: “Coffee for sure.”

Facts: Past life architect, urban shot genius and will teach you Portuguese if you ask nicely.

Sum up of Marcos: Clever, introspective and kind-hearted!

Craig Sewell

Craig Sewell

Known as: Photographer, studio handyman or all-round genius

What makes me happy: “SCENE: Soft grass, shady tree, beautiful outlook, warm & sunny with a gentle cooling breeze. High-Res audio in the headphones ME: Laid out, 100% chill, feeling the breeze swirl around me as I daydream about all of the places I’d like to go and all of the things I’d like to do with my (hopefully soon to be) new 100 megapixel medium format GFX100s camera.” – Spoken like a true genius

Coffee or Tea: “Large flat white please.”

Facts: Amazon photographer extraordinaire, Dad of 2 dogs and can build anything really

Sum up of Craig: Reliable, perfectionist, introvert – great teacher of skills

Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson

Known as: Art Director/Stylist or Jessica

What makes me happy: “Making people happy, manifesting, dog watching at Mosman beach and a cold scoop of lemon gelato on a hot day.”

Coffee or tea: “Tea always, coffee to keep me going.”

Facts: Fashion business degree, left-handed and can talk to anyone

Sum up of Jess: Kindhearted, funny and loyal – always putting the studio in order

Tash Hagan

Tash Hagan

Known as: Art Director/Stylist or Tasha

What makes me happy: “Peanut butter, shoes and the beach – and of course dogs.”

Coffee or tea: “Coffee always!!!.”

Facts: Studied Promotion and Styling, worked as Head of Styling at Zalando (Berlin) and has lived all over the world.

Sum up of Tash: Creative, friendly and Irish – We are so lucky to have her

Henry Whitehead

Henry Whitehead

Known as: Photographer/Filmmaker or Hen

Henry is our resident artist, he actually went to Art School. He’s got a next level eye for colour and composition and is our go to guy for colour matching – actually he has a side business photographing large scale art pieces.

He loves the finer things in life such as getting trapped in YouTube wormholes about Makers, geekery, art and sciencey topics and also eating his weight in crazy spicy hot tacos.

Before starting with us he followed the migratory path of many a creative and spent the required amount of time in Melbourne. Where he sold tubs of gooey mould making materials and creative chemical casting concoctions to artists before returning home to the West Coast.

He has the super human power of coming up with an endless quantity of impossibly ambitious photoshoot ideas – perfect for your next creative shoot.

Julius Pang

Julius Pang 


Known as: Photographer or Julius

Julius is always on the move, in fact you’ve probably had your photo taken by him at any one of the numerous events he’s covered.

He is a global citizen, born in Malaysia, grew up in country WA and lived 3 years in Japan. If running photography workshops overseas wasn’t enough he is a huge fan of underwater macro photography as well as Scuba diving and when in Japan creating abstract landscapes or studies on geisha.

He knows Japan so well, he gives travel directions to the locals. But sticking to his Malaysian roots he knows exactly where the best Mie goreng in Perth is – he just won’t tell us!

Why we’re here

Our reason for existing may be a little left field.


The short story is, we believe people should have as much fun, fulfilment and happiness in their day job as they would in their hobby.


Why should it be any other way?


We get hired initially to create imagery that will engage your audience. The little secret is, the imagery we create, and more importantly the way we go about it, will actually engage your team too.


We’ve seen it play out time and time again.

Seeing your team spark up, walk taller and feel proud of what they do really puts a smile on our dial. And yours.


It can be the most important “marketing” you do.


This is the stuff you can’t buy from a camera store. This is what we pay attention to.


It has taken us years to crystalise our thinking and answer the all-important question – why do we exist and why should anyone care?


This deep belief is our fingerprint and shapes the way we roll.

See us in action