Meet Matt Reed

Creative Director, Commercial Photographer, Filmmaker & Drone Pilot

I’ve been a creator since knee-high. Growing up as a farm kid, I had space to make all sorts. From go-carts to music to scale models of Dad’s shed from matchsticks.


I did a business degree at uni and started out working in bigger businesses. Along the way I found myself relying on marketing imagery to deliver results.


I’ve spent the last 20 years building a retail store, ecommerce business, online training business and for the last 13 of those, a commercial photo and filmmaking business. All these were sparked from something I was enthusiastic about.


I’ve always needed imagery to work for my businesses. It’s never been about the photos and videos… it’s what job they did. I come from a business background, not from photography or art school. My clients seem to appreciate this most.


I spend my days guiding and creating for clients. I understand how to create marketing imagery that gets a job done – tell the right stories, sell things, communicate brand culture, build loyal customers, etc.


After more than 5,000 photoshoots, I feel pretty comfortable with anything thrown at me.


I love new experiences, new people, new products to showcase, new stories to tell. This is what keeps me feeling like “I’m just getting started”.

Why we’re here

Our reason for existing may be a little left field.


The short story is, we believe people should have as much fun, fulfilment and happiness in their day job as they would in their hobby.


Why should it be any other way?


We get hired initially to create imagery that will engage your audience. The little secret is, the imagery we create, and more importantly the way we go about it, will actually engage your team too.


We’ve seen it play out time and time again.

Seeing your team spark up, walk taller and feel proud of what they do really puts a smile on our dial. And yours.


It can be the most important “marketing” you do.


This is the stuff you can’t buy from a camera store. This is what we pay attention to.


It has taken us years to crystalise our thinking and answer the all-important question – why do we exist and why should anyone care?


This deep belief is our fingerprint and shapes the way we roll.

See us in action