We love ambitious ideas and over the years have assembled the team to pull them off.


We’re equally business thinkers, creative artists and technical geeks. It’s the mix that matters.


We’re all about harmony, big smiles and making the ride fun and enjoyable for all involved.

Shelley Leary

Studio Manager

Shelley is glue that holds us together and the compass that keeps the Good Ship PP heading in the correct direction. She will probably be the first person you chat to when you get in touch – lucky you! Ask her about her curry obsession sometime.


If she wore a cape, it would have Super Organised on the back, she’d have to be, coming from GM at a gourmet food wholesaler before starting with us all those years ago.


Next time you’re out camping, look out for Shelley and family, she’ll be there making the most of ocean views and the stormy weather she so loves to photograph.


We call her Shelley, but we should call her Wonder Woman!

Matt Reed

Director of Photography

You wouldn’t pick it, but Matt is originally from the wide open spaces of the WA Wheatbelt, a farm boy turned Didgeridoo teacher, turned Director of Photography.


Matt is more than the face of PP (you’ve watched the videos right?), but the super hero of any shoot, he’s been in the game long enough to be able to shoot anything in its best light and then teach people how it was done.


A lover of both toasties and analogies, he could explain how to make the perfect toastie through an analogy about Didgeridoos.


He is a huge fan of the stories behind the image, behind the products, the people and places in the shot, it’s all about communication and he’s got that for days.

Henry Whitehead

Photographer & Film Maker

Henry is our resident artist, he actually went to Art School. He’s got a next level eye for colour and composition and is our go to guy for colour matching – actually he has a side business photographing large scale art pieces.


He loves the finer things in life such as getting trapped in YouTube wormholes about Makers, geekery, art and sciencey topics and also eating his weight in crazy spicy hot tacos.


Before starting with us he followed the migratory path of many a creative and spent the required amount of time in Melbourne. Where he sold tubs of gooey mould making materials and creative chemical casting concoctions to artists before returning home to the West Coast.


He has the super human power of coming up with an endless quantity of impossibly ambitious photoshoot ideas – perfect for your next creative shoot.

Amy Dzierzek

Creative Account Manager

They say humans are made up of 70% water, but by the amount of tea our Amy drinks, we suspect she’s 70% Yorkshire tea.


If the tea consumption and accent didn’t give it away, Amy is from the beautiful English countryside of North Yorkshire, via London that is where she could be found applying her creative skills as a visual merchandiser for some of the UK’s largest and fanciest department stores; Selfridges and Libertys for instance.


No doubt you’ll be chatting to Amy a lot, she’ll probably be your account manager and if she’s not client whispering, she’ll be dog whispering i.e. please bring your dog to the shoot, we’d all love that.


Paul Broomfield


Paul is our other overseas import, originally from the UK he took the long way around and over a couple of decades and stack of countries later, he now lives in Australia. After spending years working for large advertising agencies in Melbourne, he decided it was time to move to the West Coast.

He’s got a thing for shooting portraits of strangers he meets on the streets, some people say he’s got a special talent for making a connection with almost anyone really quickly.

Melbourne left its mark and now he can’t get out of bed without the aid of a strong coffee, seems to be a running theme with us here at PPP. And food too, he’s always on the hunt for the next chicken wing joint for lunch.

Paul has the self proclaimed super power of telling terrible jokes that only he finds funny, so be prepared next time you are in the studio with him.

Sam Hesketh

Photographer & Film Maker

Take a generous helping of adventure, a thirst for challenges, a pinch of an Architect, a snowmaker and a machine operator, pop it all in a pot, sprinkle with a trimmed beard and what do you have? You have our Sam!

Sam has been all over the place before moving to Perth, but Tasmania, the land of weird art galleries and whiskey distilleries is where he grew up, maybe this is where he became “a human GPS” – in his own words.

You can always tell when he’s in the studio as the unmistakable smell of popcorn floats through the air – feeling peckish on set? Sam will drop everything to whip you up a bowl of popcorn in no-time.

Ella McGrath 

Makeup Artist & Stylist

Meet Ella, everyone should have an Ella on a shoot. She’s the one with the hawk like attention to detail, the one that is an expert at keeping hair and makeup exactly how it should be, we like Ella, we think we’ll keep her.

She used to work as MUA for some rather large brands here in Perth before starting with us, she brings all that goodness to your shoot.

Ella loves a mood board and a fashion shoot almost as much as Avocado (almost), you’ll often hear her saying “can I get Avo with that?”

Oh, and she’s a bit like Rain Man when it comes to song lyrics – it’s weird.

Martin Callow

Photography & Animation

Martin is all about motion and animation, he adds that je ne sais quoi to your videos. 

He’s another cool Frenchie, born in England and raised in the South of France, powered by coffee and oddly enough Peanut butter/fried egg & cheese sandwiches.

He also shoots a lot of our BTS, you’ll see him weaving through our sets with a camera on a gimbal, capturing the action for our socials.

Martin’s special talent lies in learning and shooting new things, adding new quivers to his bow, he loves a challenge behind the camera.

Julius Pang 


Julius is always on the move, in fact you’ve probably had your photo taken by him at any one of the numerous events he’s covered.

He is a global citizen, born in Malaysia, grew up in country WA and lived 3 years in Japan. If running photography workshops overseas wasn’t enough he is a huge fan of underwater macro photography as well as Scuba diving and when in Japan creating abstract landscapes or studies on geisha.

He knows Japan so well, he gives travel directions to the locals. But sticking to his Malaysian roots he knows exactly where the best Mie goreng in Perth is – he just won’t tell us!

Why we’re here

Our reason for existing may be a little left field.


The short story is, we believe people should have as much fun, fulfilment and happiness in their day job as they would in their hobby.


Why should it be any other way?


We get hired initially to create imagery that will engage your audience. The little secret is, the imagery we create, and more importantly the way we go about it, will actually engage your team too.


We’ve seen it play out time and time again.

Seeing your team spark up, walk taller and feel proud of what they do really puts a smile on our dial. And yours.


It can be the most important “marketing” you do.


This is the stuff you can’t buy from a camera store. This is what we pay attention to.


It has taken us years to crystalise our thinking and answer the all-important question – why do we exist and why should anyone care?


This deep belief is our fingerprint and shapes the way we roll.

See us in action