We’re a fun, happy team and work our little socks off to produce the best possible images & video projects we can.


We’re a Swiss army knife of skills and experience and love nothing more

than drawing on our years of “camera-in-hand” time to help produce outstanding imagery that showcases your business in its best light.


Most importantly… we’re always prepared, on-time and pour everything we have into your project… all with a big smile!


We make your life easy. You can count on us.

Shelley Leary

Studio Manager

Shelley is our studio manager, and your first point of contact when you get in touch with us at Photography Project.


If you’re needing a little help, Shelley will happily suggest ideas, make recommendations and guide you through your project.


Shelley has never met a challenge she couldn’t find a solution for, but what makes Shelley truly great is that she still gets excited every time the phone rings.

Matt Reed

Director of Photography

Matt is a master of improvisation. Throw him into any situation and he’ll still come up with great photos.


His personable and enthusiastic style is legendary at Photography Project and it’s rare to see him without a smile on his face.


Prior to picking up a camera, Matt ran a retail store and e-commerce business for 10 years. It’s this knowledge that he gained, by being on the other side of the lens, which ensures that he will do everything in his power to give you the images you’re after.

Henry Whitehead

Photographer & Film Maker

Henry is probably the most multi-skilled member of our team.


With a background in film and multimedia, as well as photography, he is the perfect person to shoot your high quality still images or video.


No mention of Henry would be complete without acknowledging his patience, which comes in handy on long  shoots.


He is also something of a tea connoisseur and the reason why our cupboard is well stocked with so many fine brews.

Janelle Bynoe

Photographer & Stylist

Janelle is a photographer, stylist and experienced make-up artist.


She also has a strong background in portrait photography and artistic nudes — don’t worry, she’s more than happy for you keep your clothes on.


A true artist with endless energy, Janelle has heaps of creative ideas and helps us get the most out of any photo shoot. She is also a dab hand at co-ordinating group shoots, whether it’s for five people or fifty.

Odette Vonk


Odette has a smile that greets you first.


Her solid background in wedding photography is a major asset for us in the commercial world.


She has an ability to seek out the interesting details in any situation and put anyone at ease in front of the camera.


Her bright spark and enthusiasm makes Odette a delight to work with and our clients love her.

Tash Hagan

Art Director & Stylist 

Tash is our fashionista with an eye for detail.


Her training ground was in none other than fashion ecca of the world, London!


Tash’s deep experience in one of the most competitive ecommerce markets in the world allows us to product top class images for our clients. 


Tash is as chilled as she is skilled; bringing a passion for fashion and on trend expertise. 

Danielle Paparone

Marketing Assistant

Danielle is our words wizard and digital marketing doyen.


She can effortlessly couple words and pictures to paint a story about people, places and projects.


Following a Journalism, Media and Communications degree she joined us and bought with her a healthy addiction for all things digital.


She teaches us how to use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, Mail Chimp, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat. She is eagerly awaiting the next big digital trend.

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